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Barbecuing together...American Style.

When we travelled around Texas, all the Pit Masters we met asked us the same question. It started with "Welcome, Y'all", and then they'd ask, "you guys travelled from Oz to try our brisket?" That we did, but wow, what we experienced was so much more, and that's what Brisket Boys wants to carry forward. We want to cater to the obsession of eating perfectly cooked brisket and contribute to building the community of American barbecue lovers here in Australia.

Introducing Fitzy, his obsession overtook his passion back in 2016, and although he's a proud Penrith local, a little bit of Mark was left behind in Texas - he loved them, and they loved 'The Fitzman'. 

On our travels, we learnt that like Australia, barbecue is about community and coming together. Not once while we were in Texas, visiting the Top 10 Barbecue Restaurants (as awarded in 2021 Texas Monthly) did we see people eating alone. Instead, new friendships were formed, mateship taken from the line to the table, families and friends gathered. After all, that's what barbecue does – it brings people together.

Our travels were only the beginning. Brisket Boys; we are four mates, personally invested in sharing our love of food and our experiences abroad to our home in Penrith, bringing a slice of Texan community to our Penrith Restaurant
   Fitzy is a perfectionist, most importantly, meaning he won't allow himself to sacrifice quality over profit. He understands fire, and he knows that time won't dictate when a Brisket is perfect – the Brisket will. 
   When our customers invest in our food experience, we want them to know that they are trying authentic barbecue. Our smoked meats are fuelled by Ironbark; our serving sizes are consistent and generous, and our service is genuine and engaging. We guarantee that your post Brisket Boys food coma will have you snoring contentment, your dreams stoking the flames for your next visit to our American BBQ in Penrith.

We don't offer fast food. Instead, 'Low and Slow' (12 hours plus) is the cooking philosophy, where commitment and passion rank well above quick and easy. 'Good things come to those who... enjoy brisket!'. 

So whether your first experience is dining with us at Brisket Boys or like us, you're obsessed and will travel the globe for your barbecue fix; We welcome you to come and join our community as we share our Brisket Boys experience.